(Aufgabenbeispiel/Grundwissen Englisch)


Thema: Leseverstehen: Global- versus Detailverständnis in Jahrgangsstufe 6 (E1)


a) Lehplan: Jahrgangsstufe 6 (E1), Grundwissensblock: grundlegende Verfahren der Wort- und Texterschließung

b) Einsatz: Test oder Teil einer Schulaufgabe; 2. Halbjahr (Wortschatzgrundlage: Green Line New Bayern, Band 1 und 2)

Aufgabe mit Lösung:


When Carina plays table tennis against her brother Pete, she sometimes wins and sometimes loses. But Pete thinks his sister is a good player and should join the school team. Carina likes the idea, but doesn’t know anybody in the team, so she asks her brother for help. “I know the coach, I’ll talk to him,” Pete promises.

At Haywood School the kids can play at the activity centre in the afternoons and in the evenings, and sometimes even on weekends.

While Carina and Becky are playing there in the lunch break on Monday, Wayne and his nasty gang come in. “Girls, it’s our turn now,” shouts Wayne and grabs the bat from Becky. Carina tries to help her friend, but Barry pushes her away. Then the boys get ready to play. “We don’t want any trouble with them,” says Becky and pulls Carina away from the table. “Wayne thinks it’s his table because he is in some table tennis team,” she tells her friend. Then they are watching Wayne and Barry while they are playing. Wayne sometimes hits the ball so hard that Barry misses it, but he isn’t really a good player. “I can do better,” Carina thinks and goes back to the table. “You’re not holding the racket right, boy!” she tells Wayne. “Racket? This is a bat! Don’t girls know anything about sport?“ At that moment Pete comes in with Mr Roberts, the coach and says: “Ah, here she is.” Mr Roberts sees the boys and says: “Oh, good, you are here, too, Wayne. May I introduce our new team member, Carina!” “Oh, no!” Wayne, Carina and Becky shout.

A. Read the text once and answer the following questions:

1. Choose a headline for the text: A table tennis match

Carina’s brother

ž Goodbye, school team!

Wayne, the bully

2. At the end of the text Carina shouts “Oh, no!” because

she doesn’t like the coach of the school table tennis team.

ž she doesn’t want to be in a team with Wayne.

she doesn’t want to be in the team only because her brother knows the coach.

she doesn’t want Becky to know about her plans to play for the school team.

B. Read the text again and answer the following questions:

3. You’ll have to retell the story in class tomorrow and you can only write down the five most

important words on a piece of paper apart from the names. Underline the five words you


table tennis – win – lose – school team – Haywood School – activity centre – afternoon – lunch break – gang – turn – bat – push – pull – table – good player – better – racket – girls – coach (andere Unterstreichungen möglich)

4. Carina always wins against her brother.

ž needs Pete’s help.

thinks she is a bad player.

doesn’t know what a school team is.

5. Right, wrong or not in the text?



not given

You can play table tennis at the activity centre all day long.


The table belongs to Wayne.


Barry is in the school team, too.


The boys don’t ask the girls if they can use the table.


Carina doesn’t want to give the bat to Wayne.


Becky tells Carina that Wayne is in the school team.


Wayne wins against Barry.


Carina thinks she is at least as good at table tennis as Wayne.


Wayne laughs at Carina.


The coach doesn’t like Wayne.


6. Why does Becky pull Carina away from the table? (Write one sentence)

Becky says that she doesn’t want to have any trouble with the boys, maybe she is afraid of them.


Grundlagen der Texterschließung werden hier kleinschrittig, getrennt nach Global- (Teil A) und Detailverständnis (Teil B) abgeprüft. Die Antworten sind großteils aus einer vorgegebenen Auswahl zu entnehmen. Die neu geschulten Kompetenzen sind Grundlage für kursorisches und selektives Lesen in Mittel- und Oberstufe und zur Beantwortung komplexer Fragen im Rahmen der Textarbeit.

Wiederaufnahme in einer höheren Jahrgangsstufe:

In höheren Jahrgangsstufen ist Global- und Detailverständnis zu leisten im Rahmen komplexerer, offener Fragestellungen, in denen mit steigendem Schwierigkeitsgrad der Texte mehr und mehr eigenes Abstraktionsvermögen miteingebracht werden muss. Reines Textverständnis wird zudem zunehmend mit Fähigkeiten der Interpretation/Analyse, Wortschatzarbeit o. Ä. verbunden

Mögliche Fragen zu einem fiktiven komplexeren Text in der Mittel-/Oberstufe:

What is the text about? (1 sentence)

What is the theme of the short story?

Summarize the main ideas of the text in about five sentences.

The text is to appear in a newspaper. Write an adequate subtitle that arouses the readers’ interest but doesn’t tell everything.

Someone who hasn’t read the text wants to know what “bullying” means. Explain it in your own words.

Compare the pros and cons of being a member of a sports team.

Characterize Carina.

Compare Carina’s behaviour to Becky’s.

Find three parts in the text which illustrate Carina’s difficult relationship with her brother.

Choose two of the following adjectives in order to describe a) Wayne and b) Carina:

ambitious – immature – inconsiderate – tolerant – inhibited – selfish – sympathetic – honest – reliable – irresponsible

Ungeeignete Aufgabenstellungen:

Für die Anfangsphase mit dieser Arbeitstechnik zu offene / komplexe Fragestellungen wie:

What is the text about?

Find a title for the story!

Explain why everybody shouts “Oh, no!” at the end!

Retell the story in your own words.

What happens when Wayne and his gang come into the activity centre?

Zu weit hergeholte Distraktoren oder Fallen wie:

A.2. she’s got an English lesson in the afternoon.

B.3. sometimes – his – here

B.5. Becky and Carina are playing tennis at lunch break.


Weitere Aufgaben, die hinzukommen könnten:

7. In the evening Carina tells her mum about what happened at the activity centre. Write down what she says using past tense. Start like this:

At lunch break Becky and I were playing table tennis…

(Möglichkeit der Umwälzung von Grundwissen Grammatik: past tense)

8. What happened next? Go on with the story and write a dialogue between Carina, Becky, Mr Roberts, Wayne and Pete. Each of them speaks at least once.

(Möglichkeit der Umsetzung von Grundwissen zur Texterstellung)

9. Carina and Becky play table tennis during lunch break.

a) What do you usually do during lunch break at school (3 sentences)?

b) Why do most pupils in Britain spend their lunch break at school every day?

(Möglichkeit der Wiederholung von Grundwissen aus dem Bereich Landeskunde)

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